The planning of a MINI-RTW, continued travel hacking.

I figure I should start detailing a bit more about the adventures I go on and how we do it all on the cheap. (the “we” in this equation is my  hopefully -probably forever partner-in-crime and newly nicknamed Tom, because he is as persistent as Tom from Tom & Jerry when he sets his mind to something)    Most people don’t believe or understand,  It’s […]


I often write in my head while I’m driving or when I’m laying in bed at about 3AM trying to stop my brain from whirring a hundred miles an hour and just be still. I string up words and reorder them into coherent sentences and paragraphs, orderly arrangements, to put down on paper or screen the next day. Inevitably I always forget what I was […]

So I got my bachelor’s… now what?

After I graduated high school, way back in 2003 I went on to complete a completely useless college diploma in Tourism. I suppose I can’t call it completely useless because I did learn two things; I love to travel and I’d much rather get into the business side of things. I graduated college in 2005 and enrolled part-time at my local university and began working […]