Nickel by Nickel 5.0

I got tired of my blog today. I didn’t make any backups. There was no coding magic: In a spontaneous series of events I spent 46 minutes searching through themes on WordPress until I found a simple-enough and customizable enough version of my tastes and Nickel by Nickel 4.0 no longer exists. I didn’t take any screenshots to document the progress either… Just from one […]

Midnight musings and other random thoughts.

Michael Ondaatje, from; Divisadero “Sometimes truth is too buried for adults, it can be found only in hours of rewritings during the night, the way metal is beaten into fineness” This is mainly a personal finance blog. I talk about money, my money, your money, what I do with it, what I want to do with it… what you should do with it, stupid things, […]