Tax refund! (and other life/debt-related musings)

Woah, I was majorly surprised this afternoon when I checked my bank account and noticed this; What’s going on with that? I guess I shouldn’t complain but the worrier in me is immediately suspicious that there’s some sort of mistake and they’ll take it back tomorrow, highly unlikely of course. I ended up with about $800 of tax refund more than I thought I should […]

‘Stupid Tax’

Remember those property taxes I’ve talked about before? … those were due in March and then again in August, oh and they’re due again in November! Did I get that right? My property taxes are paid in three yearly instalments. Since I stopped the bank in February I have missed two payments. I am not a person to pay my bills late so how could […]

Whatta month! Phew!

Hello, hello. It’s the beginning of another calendar month and whatta month it’s been! As you read last month my goals for September were; – Make a $100 lump sum mortgage payment    Actual: $100 – Reach $400 in emergency savings      Actual: $404.46 – Contribute $100 towards student debt   Actual: $110.00 Looking back: I am very happy to be able to report that I made […]