Some thoughts today: Very recently I was unexpectedly offered employment with the Government of Canada. I was in the boonies, middle of nowhere – Costa Rica at the time and had a rickety phone connection that got cut off by a power failure. It took about an hour of frantic waiting to accept the job, and here we are, 3 months into a full-time term […]

Saving for retirement and other things – the 10% rule revisited, and a plan for the rest of 2013

Back in June of 2012 I wrote a blogpost on how I was intending to begin saving 10% of my gross income towards retirement. Here’s what I wrote: “I’ve done ZERO retirement planning in my life so far. Sure, I’ve thought about it and what I want from life but I’ve taken very little action to plan towards it. I currently have a $6,000 emergency […]