Frugal carrots vs thrifty sticks – Guest post by Anne from The Year of Shopping Detox

Today’s post is a guest post from Ann from The Year of Shopping Detox. Ann told me about her  silly irreverent style of PF blogging and offered to write a guest post while I enjoy some, much deserved- thank you very much, R&R on vacation. I love Ann’s blog and you should check it it out too!  The following post is about rewarding yourself either […]

Would you like to guest post?

As I’ll be gone for about 10 days at the end of this month I’m wondering if you would like to send in a guest post? I’d really appreciate the help! I’m open to anything, money and life related as long as it roughly matches the general idea of my blog. Perhaps you can share a personal story about your strugles with debt or offer […]

Just a little credit repair can save a LOT of money – Guest Post

Today I’m posting this guest article written by Ed O’Brien over at As I stated in my last  post I’ve had a ton of drafts written up about stuff and one of my drafts related to what you’re about to read. When Ed contacted me about guest posting about repairing your credit I let him know that I’ve actually had fraud committed before on […]