25 Goals for 2015 – February Summary.

Financial I hit every financial goal this month. I didn’t screw up anything and I’m actually a little bit ahead in some accounts. I can easily fall behind again in March so this doesn’t change anything. I’m just going to keep trucking and make this an awesome year. My house still hasn’t sold… and I won’t drop the price to below what the market should […]

30 by 30, 25 Goals for 2015

Another year, a fresh slate to work with. Feels nice doesn’t it? I haven’t sat down and made goals as I have in the following post since 2012 and years previous when I was working hard to pay down debt and save. My goals for 2013 and 2014 were much freer. I saved a lot less though so it’s time to set some solid goals […]

Networth March 2014

Notable changes: I merged my other investments under my misc. assets heading. This counts my car, stuff of value that I own such as tools and various items (generator, wood splitter, the more valuable stuff). Misc savings is the combined total of  all my cash ‘buckets’ for different purposes. It includes my savings for my Globetrotting 2014 fund (see my tickers int he sidebar over there […]