Yakezie Blog Swap #10 – The Best Go Green Method to Save Money by Shane from Beating Broke

The following is a guest post from Beating Broke, a frugaler at heart, as part of the Yakezie blog swap #10. This swaps’ topic du jour is “The Best Go Green Method to Save Money”. You can see my first-ever guest post as part of the blog swap over at Beating Broke today! If I’m going to whole-heartedly jump on board with a green movement […]

Budgeting FUN stuff

I would NEVER be doing all of this crazy money mumble jumble if I didn’t get to have some fun. I gotta say, December through March were TIGHT. I paid of a nice chunk of debt, I hoarded cash like crazy but then it was time to let loose a little. My neat little budget program YNAB tells me I spent money on a new […]