Nickel by Nickel 5.0

I got tired of my blog today. I didn’t make any backups. There was no coding magic: In a spontaneous series of events I spent 46 minutes searching through themes on WordPress until I found a simple-enough and customizable enough version of my tastes and Nickel by Nickel 4.0 no longer exists. I didn’t take any screenshots to document the progress either… Just from one […]


I don’t know why that video is so big. Anyway. So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything public. I feel like in the past year almost every post has started with that sentence. Yeah, oh well. I’m here. How have you been? I unbroke my blog, which is kind of cool. I wrote previously that I broke it. Consequently there were many dead […]

Vacation on a Budget

Life is hectic. Finding ways to decompress is more important than ever before, and a vacation is one of the best ways to relax and recharge. That takes money, so unless you plan on winning the lottery (you shouldn’t), you need a savings plan. Here are few easy ideas to fund your next dream-trip. Set Your Goal Don’t just guess what vacation will cost. Develop […]