Link-love #28

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I read the following article in Psychology Today this week which was interesting; Mothers Are Drowning in Stress: New research suggests saving U.S. mothers should be a national priority. I’m not a parent but having seen a similar struggle with my own parents, I do understand.

This article does a decent job of making MMM look like a slob, Jacob Viskar like a mooch and makes RB40 appear just as boastful. I do agree with the sentiment that men DO have it easier, they make more, I just have to look at Tom… ffs who has a college diploma and spent 17 years of his life earning double my wages for half the work, little responsibility and with FOUR years less education. This isn’t for my lack of trying, I can’t recall the amount of jobs I have applied for over the years. I do agree that the rule of no gender discussion in r/FI is simply bullshit. There is a financial grand canyon of difference between men and women. Gender, sadly, matters.

I also read Stephen King’s Elevation this week. With an ending open to interpretation. It’s not really a horror, and for a short story can really only have so much depth… which is why I’m not sure why the negative reviews because it was a pretty classic King. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

AAAAND that’s a wrap, until next time, please feel free to share with me all interesting things!

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