Achievement unlocked – $100k networth!1!!

This has been a long time coming, 100k! It’s kind of a big thing when you’re a youtuber and hit 100k subscribers, you get a plaque and everything. Do they do anything like that for Instagram? That should be a thing.  This is a different 100k though, I was off on a tangent already… I hit a networth of $100,000 last week after I deposited my paycheque from my term job!

My networth is the sum of everything I own and owe, I don’t literally have $100,000 sitting in a bank account somewhere, although that would be nice and that is a goal. Spread over all my accounts however $100k is what I’m worth today.

I’m still using YNAB to track my networth, expenses and budget and I’m still using an older discontinued version; YNAB 4, because I very much dislike subscription software. I guess NetworthIQ will never be brought back to life? Remember that site? I remember painstakingly updating that little chart every time I was able to go up a few dollars, back in 2006. I had a negative networth and  I had my computer sitting on one of those big plastic tubs and would sit on the carpeted floor in the second bedroom of my condo out in Edmonton. That feels like  a lifetime ago.

This little milestone though, 100k$! I would tell you that achieving this from being to my eyeballs in debt back in 2009  feels really amazing and blahblahblah but that would be a lie… it felt like.. mostly nothing, it felt like… I’m on auto-pilot.  It feels nothing like the elation I felt when I paid off my student loan. I thought it should feel like this amazing thing that was happening but really it felt like a slight bump in my journey to financial independence, a slight upward tick, and on we chug.  It’s been a goal for a long time! It feels like I need a big NEXT! a big THING! What IS next?! I’m excited to find out.

I have finally achieved some sort of equilibrium, I’ve achieved some balance between saving and some spending, living a satisfied life without excess.

I am incredibly blessed to be here right now.

(The 1 in the title isn’t a typo, I miss you Chris!)

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