On the road again; sampling some poutine in Montréal

I flew out of YYG, Charlottetown, early this morning on-route to NYC for a long weekend of much deserved chilling. Our reward itinerary, booked on Aeroplan included a day long stopover in Montreal which was awesome! One of the things on my to do list was to grab a poutine and poutine we did! There were some restaurants higher up on the list but this one was close to where we happened to be wandering around and the weather was rainy so we popped in for lunch.

I’m currently enjoying a quick stopover at the Maple Leaf lounge at YUL, Montreal airport after spending the day in Montreal and sampling some poutine at Frite Alors!

We shared the “La Frite Alors!” as a regular lunch combo, which was enough for both of us, with peppers, onions, bacon and mushroom… and gravy and cheese with a salad on the side. It was greasy and good! Total bill before tip for the shared lunch combo with a Pepsi on the side was about 15 bucks.

Off to New Yrok shortly (assuming Ill get there as currently there are weather delays!) catch you later! 🙂

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