Networth March 2014

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Notable changes: I merged my other investments under my misc. assets heading. This counts my car, stuff of value that I own such as tools and various items (generator, wood splitter, the more valuable stuff). Misc savings is the combined total of  all my cash ‘buckets’ for different purposes. It includes my savings for my Globetrotting 2014 fund (see my tickers int he sidebar over there ->) project move and my upcoming Ireland/Holland trip.

Most important thing that happened this month: a $555.73 increase in my net worth attributable to reduced spending and more saving mainly. No big bills or expenses in March so that helped. Hopefully I’ll cross the $56k mark again after April.


1. Continue to track my sleeping patterns. Fail. Didn’t pay attention to it at all. Sleeping habits as poor as ever. 🙂

2. Increase my step average to average out to 9,000 steps per day over the course of the year. In progress.  I did allright in March. I started out slow and was quite active in the last half. Especially in Cuba I was hitting about 15,000 steps a day. I haven’t been feeling well since coming back so the past week that’s plummeted though.
3. Lose 5 lbs and keep them off by December 13th. In progress. I lost a bit this month. No idea what, maybe a pound or two, either way, it’s in the right direction.

Project Move

1. Save a $10k emergency fund. Fail. No change at all here.

2. Finish and sell my house by the end of the year. In progress. Nothing to say here. Status quo.

3. Get rid of stuff. In progress. In progress. This goal was called: “Finish digitizing all my files that are able to be digitized.” Initially I was only focused on office files but there’s so much more crap in my life I don’t need. It’s slow, but progressing.

Other financial goals

1. RSP balance of $3,000. In progess. This one is just going to keep trucking along. I contribute $60 monthly (split 35/25) I’m on target to end up above 3k just with my contributions alone. 🙂

2. Cuba/hot-spring vacation, $1,200. Done!  It was amazing. I’m glad I went, I met some great people, had a lot of fun and was sad to come home where in my absence 120cm snow had come down. A nice welcome present.

3. Short camping trip funded out of pocket in July. Longer world-trip in August/September. In progress. I’m working on route planning for a roadtrip to Quebec/Ontario with my cousin and on convincing others to tag along. I’d love to see Niagara Falls! If no one else wants to go… I may just do the drive alone, either way I’m just going to plan on going because.. well because I want to. Several other things have been booked now for Ireland/Netherlands in August/September and I’m really looking forward to that! I have most of the cash I will need there set aside already, just need to save more for things that will need to be booked in the next few months.

4. A networth of $70,000. In progress.  If everything keeps going as is I’ll cross $60k by the end of the year. Anything else… I guess I’ll see what the year will bring. I have several little projects on the go and one may end up bringing in nice side-income. 

The plans for April are very similar; keep costs down, spend little and save. The end of winter is almost here! Speaking of winter, has anyone seen the latest epi of GOT? 😮

6 thoughts on “Networth March 2014

  1. Looks pretty good, you are making progress. I’m also having sleep issues, that’s a tough one. Also trying to get rid of “stuff” over here, I feel like we have just acquired too much. Spring is coming so a garage sale is in order.

  2. Just watched GOT 🙂 Those dragons are getting pretty big eh. Nice job in March with the net worth gain, especially considering your trip to Cuba. Good luck with your other financial goals this year 😀

  3. It looks like you are making progress in many of your goals. You’ve got some pretty big ones up there, so progress is always positive. Have you considered breaking down some of those big ones into smaller pieces and reporting on those?

  4. You are doing so well on your goals, you should be really proud. $60k networth by the end of the year will be wonderful. I look forward to seeing how you go.

  5. I started to track my sleep and steps with an activity tracker. I initially set it at 10,000 steps a day and failed miserably. I didn’t realize how much sitting I do all day!!

    My solution was to halve the number and hit 5,000 consistently. After a few weeks if this, I’ve regularly increased my totals. I am now up to 8,000 a day and will be increasing it to 8,500 come May 1st.

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