A DIY update: How to make home made dogfood, or as I call it: Slop.

Back in June last year I posted an article on how to make your own dogfood. See that post here. It’s been a while since I posted that and I’ve changed my method quite a bit to be cheaper, more efficient and just generally less hassle so I thought an update was in order! A summary: I chose to feed my dog a high-quality and […]

Why blogging and many blogs piss me off, why your blog does or doesn’t suck (and mine does too) and why you should’t email me

Ever get angry and frustrated? Here’s some frustration that’s been building up for a while. This post may be a little inflammatory. I go through periods of not adding to my site at all and I will be the first to admit that THIS website, Nickel by Nickel (and the associated Twitter account) is primarily a digital, public journal where I purge, whine, boast and […]