A simple sunroom update

Back when I demo-d the old porch (old link) and replaced it with a bedroom, my washer and dryer were disconnected and moved to the front of the house in the sunroom, where eventually I wanted to hook them up.

Remember what the house looked like when I bought it?:

Way back in September 2008
Way back in September 2008


After the porch was ripped off and before the build
After the porch was ripped off and before the build

and after adding on a new piece:

October 2013. still a few things to do though
October 2013. still a few things to do though

The sunroom in the front is an uninsulated space, and the only room left that needs some significant work done. So, in the two years since I had that piece built onto the side of my house I’ve focused on other projects and the sunroom just kind of sat there. In fact, over time the sunroom became the only room in my house that was still a complete disaster, observe:

I'm not proud of this
I’m not proud of this

I’m not a hoarder by any means but when you’re renovating all parts of your house gradually. STUFF has to go somewhere. Stuff that’s in the way, tools, leftover pieces of dry-wal that shouldn’t be thrown out… and with no basement to store items I really have to store tools in my home, so gradually this space became a dumping ground. I wrote about it before but it wasn’t until this summer that I made one final attempt at really fixing it for good.

The bookcase in the back ended up in my bedroom for a while, I’ve now sold it. The shoerack is gone and at least half of the crap you see in this image has been decluttered, used up or sold. This left me with a fairly blank slate. Since it really doesn’t make sense financially to replace all the old windows and insulate this space right now I decided on a few quick cosmetic fixes. I painted the walls and installed blinds that I got halfprice at Home Depot earlier this summer. Then I hung melamine cabinets above the washer and dryer.

2013-06-06 12.35.39
much better!

While the ceiling still needs a lick of paint and a new floor wouldn’t hurt either, the space looks much more inviting and livable, and with doors on the cabinets, much less clutttered!

2013-10-14 13.42.31
the space in use

In total I spent about $200 on the blinds and the cabinets. The paint I already had from a former project. While this room still has far to go (the washer and dryer are still not actually hooked up, I’m doing laundry five minutes down the road at my parents) this room now fits the rest of my little house.

The bathroom is done (well except for some caulk and a wee bit of touchup paint), the livingroom is done and I have a new couch, I have one new bedroom and the other one has new trim and paint. The entire house has had new flooring and new paint over the past 4 years, new windows and insulation. Even the open dirt basement now has plastic and gravel in it. My little house is finally coming together, and I’ve managed not to go bankrupt. Victory! 🙂

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