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Its been a while since I’ve written. If you’re new, please say hi on Twitter!

Back in July I was able to head to Boston for a weekend with C. It was epic. I didn’t get many pics at all, I spent most of the time just enjoying the city and the foods and the people and most of all my company. It was amazing and it makes me thoroughly being in the heart of the city. (not just Boston, big cities in general) I was born and raised in the country and I’ll return to the countryside once again when I am older but there’s something about city-lights that attracts me like a moth to a flame.

The Leonard P Zakim Bunker HIll Memorial bridge!
The Leonard P Zakim Bunker HIll Memorial bridge!

I really wish I had more pics to share. I (I mean we) geeked out and walked all over the Harvard business school campus. Pretty dorms:

Harvard yo!

There may or may not also be photos of each of us in front of the Harvard logo. Maybe.

It’s October now and I actually started this post back at the start of August. I got frustrated trying to upload media and just quit blogging for a while. But I wanted to finish the thoughts that made me want to write this post. Now that I’ve graduated, which I don’t think I even wrote about here, I finally got my bachelors back in May, and my house is starting to be sort-of done-ish…. there’s this itch.

I quite like the east coast and, I’m pretty happy where I live in Canada too. (A little Island called PEI). It’s so beautiful here, really, google it. But I feel very isolated, my mortgage is coming up for renewal in December and for as long as I can remember I’ve had very conflicted feelings about staying in Canada, on PEI [permanently] versus moving away or elsewhere for a while. I feel this ache, this itch that just won’t go away and I feel that the only way to settle these feelings about where I really want to be is by going for a bit longer than two weeks, maybe a month or two or three.

I’ve talked about it a lot over the years. Leaving everything is kind-of a really big deal and it’s BIG, like pack up all of my things-and move-BIG. Which is probably the biggest reason that I haven’t just left yet.

That time I went rv'ing down a dirt road in winter-ish spring
That time I went rv’ing down a dirt road in winter-ish spring

I’ve always been a lover of travel. That feeling of taking off for some new and undiscovered place, wandering foreign streets and eating different foods. I’ve always loved it and I’ve tried to travel when I could. Over the past three years as I’ve been getting my finances in check it seems I’m also going through a bit of a finding-myself process. I’ve begun travelling more, to places I’d always wanted to go. Last December I went to NYC with my sister, last July I got to see Boston and very soon (17 days!!!) I’m jetting off to Italy and Germany and of course The Netherlands and in February or March there is a planned trip to Cuba…. and then, then what?

I’m still plotting and planning away but I really hope to sell my house and then make it a reality to take off for 3-4 months next year  to go back to my birthcountry, and see where life takes me. I’ll plan to come back and if I feel I should leave again… I always can.

There’s still a lot of work to do but I feel like I must do something. I need a next big thing to focus on. This seems the next most logical step.

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