Networth June, July & August

Good and bad
Good and bad

For the first time in quite some time I didn’t pay attention to my net worth the past few months. I’ve been… overwhelmed with many things. In good ways and in bad.

The extra job I picked up, mentioned in my previous networth update here, has been going so well that I’ve picked up about 30% more work/income than was planned back in May and I’ve been asked to come back for 2014.  I gladly accepted the offer. Due to the sidejob I’ve been able to get my emergency fund back up! As of last weekend it’s full again and it feels sooooo goood! Midway this summer it was actually down to about $4,000 and I was starting to get worried. I did NOT want to go into winter, when I make less money anyway AND my bills basically double, with a depleted emergency fund. Thanks to the extra work I’ve been able to get it back up.

In other good news my regular income is going up again because my company recently won another small contract allowing me to increase my personal earnings from the company again. While I’m still not back to where I was with regards to monthly income, about 20% less than where I was… better than the 35% cut I took in January. (voluntarily) I’m very happy about it and I’m getting along just fine, I am still a bit worried about getting through the winter but as long as I’m careful. I should be okay.

I have no balances on my creditcards and my overdraft (which is free by the way) will be gone on Friday when it’s payday. I do owe some money to my company for things I’ve charged for travel plans and previous travel plans but I expect to be able to work that off in the next few weeks too as I have quite a few dates of extra work scheduled.

So, the plan for September:

1. Take care of the overdraft
2. Stuff $500 in my misc savings account to use INSTEAD of overdraft
3. Save $500 towards Italy/Germany/Netherlands trip in October/November
4. Networth of $52,000

Has summer been kind to your wallet?

*The cash I’m sitting on are actually euro’s for my upcoming trip.


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