Networth May 2013

Modest gains!
Modest gains!

I’m keeping it short and to the point today. My goals for May were to have a hundred or two in my chequing and a zero balance on my credit card. I accomplished this! My other goal was to add money back to my emergency fund, sadly I ended up taking about another $200. Oh well.

Good news on the workfront is that I’ve picked up a well-paying sidejob once a week for the summer, cleaning a luxury cottage. (You know, the superduper fancy high-end ones) and it pays really well so I thought why not. I’m hoping to just syphon the money earned with that straight into my emergency fund until I get it back up to $6,000 and any money made above that will go towards my travel plans in the fall. 🙂  Outside of that, the regular-job hunt continues and I’m spending most of my time doing things around the house and yard, landscaping etc.

Speaking of house maintenance, in a few weeks I’m going to have a completed bathroom post for you. Finally! How was your May?

2 thoughts on “Networth May 2013

  1. You have a lot of hustles on the go! That is impressive. Bathroom renovations are big challenge…I started one but unfortunately had to call in some backup to help (definitely underestimated how long it would take!)

  2. Well done for the zero balance target (achieved) on your credit card. That's a great target to have each month. [removed outdated url February 25, 2014]

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