Networth April 2013


In case you didn't catch that yet...
In case you didn’t catch that yet…rth

Sometimes I forget this blog started out talking about money. The almighty dolla. A lot of red this past month. Let’s break it down:

It's a slippery slope
It’s a slippery slope

For as much as March was a good month financially, April sucked on all fronts. Financial, personal (my grandfather passed away April 20th) and career-related. Whew I’m so glad it’s May. I get to pluck tulips from my garden soon. 🙂 But let’s get back to finance: My primary goal for this month was to work on dealing with my revolving creditcard balance, revolving in the sense that I wasn’t paying any interest but was constantly carrying a balance. With the last paycheque of the month I brought that puppy almost back down to zero and I am really trying to curb some of my spending.

I’m finding it incredibly hard to get used to earning less income this year versus what I had been making the past two years. I feel terrible saying this because I still have an income, I work when I want and essentially do whatever I want everyday but am unable to increase my income at the moment. So I have incredible freedom…. but money is tight. I applied for a job earlier in the month (Invesco, for those curious) I went through the phoneinterview and had an almost two-hour face to face interview locally. I felt that both went quite well but I was turned down for the job by anonymous do-not-reply email. You know the one I mean… so I continue to search for something suitable. Things will be a little easier (I hope) with my degree in hand as of May 11th! Back to finance though. The never-ending struggle to not dip into my emergency fund too much continues, my mortgage and heloc continue their crawl down the principal-repayment ladder and give or take $500 I’ve been hopping around the $45k networth mark for a few months now.

Goals for May: Have a hundred or two in my chequing and a zero balance on my creditcard. Add $200 back to my e-fund.

Aaaaand because I can: Here’s dog!

Got a little wet this week
Got a little wet this week

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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. That's pretty cool you got an interview with an investment services company. I had 6 interviews at different companies before landing my current job so keep putting yourself out there 😀 You can do it! Have you thought about looking for work out west? I know finance firms are hiring in Alberta and Saskatchewan and pay decent wages. One of my friends handed his home to a property management company here in Vancouver, and moved to Calgary for an accounting job. He's using the rent from his apartment that he owns in BC to pay for his current housing expenses lol.

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