Midnight musings and other random thoughts.


Michael Ondaatje, from; Divisadero
“Sometimes truth is too buried for adults, it can be found only in hours of rewritings during the night, the way metal is beaten into fineness”

This is mainly a personal finance blog. I talk about money, my money, your money, what I do with it, what I want to do with it… what you should do with it, stupid things, great things. Everything under the sun really. Interspersed with money-talk are travel-blogs and personal growth articles. Posts about sadness and happiness and frustration and posts like today.

I have insomnia. I can’t sleep. I am so so so tired. Yet I can’t sleep. This week has been hell on my nerves. My mind is just racing about all the things I could be doing and things I need to do tomorrow. Things I am trying to process and dreams of the future. I love the quote from Divisadero, a fantastic book.

In the night things come to me, I hammer out thoughts and layout plans. I twist and turn ideas and knead them until I have something I can work with.  The way that metal is beaten into fineness.

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