Networth November 2012

Well, still not quite where I was in September but making progress in the right direction! I won a cash prize with my team by placing first in my class for a sponsor case competition. (small business strategy, it was fun!)  A small balance in my chequing (a rarity). On the asset side there was a 7.8% drop from last month in my emergency fund which is largely related […]

TLH: Project Bathroom, slow progress (part 3)

Sept 6th marked the start of my bathroom renovation to transform it from this old layout; Which, in living colour looked roughly like this standing from the doorway: To this, slightly modified, awesomer version with all-new walls, plumbing, electrical, flooring, tub-surround (tile) paint, tub, sink & toilet. A full gut! As you can see the only real floor plan change is that the tub has been moved […]