Decking out The Littlest House (Part one)

I’ve been waiting for this one ever since I bought my little house 3.5 years ago. This summer, I had a deck built on! You read that right, I didn’t lift a finger this time, well except to open my wallet to write a cheque. Since showing you everything in one post might result in a photo-overload I’m going to split this into two, here’s part one:

If you’ve been following along you might know that my little house used to look like this, way way back when I bought it in November 2008:

TLH, November 2008

And as a reminder this is what it used to look like from the front, back 2008:

Side/front view of TLH, November 2008

That little bit porch on the side had some serious problems, it used to be the old porch/laundry room with a low slanted ceiling and foundation problems. Last summer that whole part came off and was rebuilt, bigger,better & stronger.

As of this summer the back of my house looked like this, big change!

Spring 2012, before deck

You’ll notice that I built on quite a big piece that turned my house in a two-bedroom house rather than a one-bedroom. When I started thinking of the design for the new porch, I thought it would be great to  have a nice big bedroom with walk-on to a deck, right into the backyard. It eliminates having a backdoor but since my front sunroom functions as a large entry/laundry room now I felt that it wasn’t such a big loss and the value of an additional bedroom was much better than having a backdoor/entry space. I had a 12X10 addition built on which I finished myself after the contractor did the framing, roofing and exterior shingling.

Most projects around the house I tackle myself and I hire a pro to do the pro stuff like installing a new electrical panel, building the framing for the house or running new plumbing… I just don’t know the codes for things like that. It’s okay for me to screw up a piece of flooring… but I’m not going to kill myself trying to run electricty somewhere because I plugged something backwards. I get very annoyed when things aren’t done right. Back to that deck though..

Setting the posts

I wasn’t really looking forward to trying to build a deck, level… and strong so it would last for years. I can’t dig a posthole to save my life (I’ve tried) So this time I decided to just have it done, completely and I didn’t do anything myself except delegate and tell them what I wanted. It was nice for a change but it definitely cost more!

Such perfect round holes

The project lasted about a week, on Monday the postholes were dug, materials delivered and the posts were set in concrete. On Tuesday things started looking more like this:


Before I ramble on too long, I’m going to leave it at this for today. Check back in about a week to see the end result of the deck project!


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