Airing things out with a new screen door.

I’ve been wanting to add a screendoor to the new bedroom ever since it was built. A few weeks ago I picked up a special order door that was returned at the Home Depot for $24.99. I told the windows & doors guy I really hated their options for screen doors so he brought this one out of the receiving area, someone had just returned it that day. Score! It’s a simple design, no funky spindles or anything. Made of plain pine and netting, clean & simple. I love it! Check it out:

Great find!

I also picked up some self-closing hinges, very handy when it comes to a screen door to keep the bugs out. The hinges cost me more than the door itself, coming in at about $30. The hardware is brass and I prefer oil rubbed bronze but hey… my entire house is a mixture of finishes between shiny chrome, oiled rubbed bronze and brass. I got forced into a mixture of finishes when I realized that modern door knobs wouldn’t fit on my old French doors that had mortise locks. Since then I’ve tried to choose styles I liked in the finish I prefer but it hasn’t always worked out that way.


I wasn’t really sure how to tackle painting the door, since the screen was tucked into wooden grooves on the back with thin round rubber string. I decided to pull it all out so I could paint the door properly on both sides.

I gave it a quick sand and wipe down then started getting ready to paint. Instead of trying to paint the door by laying it down somewhere, waiting for it to dry and then flipping it, painting again, waiting etc. etc.  I primed and then painted the areas where the hinges would go first, I let those areas dry then hung the door with one screw in each hinge and painted the rest.

Priming the hinge areas only

I used the same grey primer that I used for the accent wall in my bedroom.  You can not paint with red paint like this without using a properly tinted primer! I learned this the hard way. The grey primer provides the perfect base coat for the colour red that I used. Once I primed the hinge areas I hung the door (which takes like 15 seconds to do) and painted the rest of the door while it was hanging freely – so I was able to get to all sides easily! Once the primer dried I took the door back off the hinges and repeated the process with a red topcoat.

Starting to look good!

I put a thin coat on the hinge area, waited for it to try, hung the door and painted the rest of the door. Waited for it to dry, then repeated the entire process one more time with a finish coat! (If you’re still following that’s one coat of primer and two top coats of red) Once everything dried for a good day or two I got ready to put the netting back on which was a bit of a project. The netting had retained a some of it’s grooveshape from being stuck in the door and I pushed the black rubber ropes back into the grooves to stretch out the netting across the back of the door.

Pushing the netting back in

With that all finished up I installed the door handle hardware and…. voila!

I seem incapable of taking straight pictures.

I was a bit worried about the style of the door not working with the door behind it… since the exterior door has the fake french window plastic trim on the inside. But I think it works, it doesn’t look crazy.  Now, I’ll be able to leave the door open without having to worry about mosquitos getting in and not being able to sleep at night. (I am deathly afraid of those noisy suckers!) I am really happy with how the red paint turned out as well, it’s a great pop of colour when looking at the house from the backyard

Well, that’s another little house project finished. Next on the to-do list: Painting all the trim around the door and the bedroom white! I still haven’t done this after this bedroom was built and it’s high time I get some paint on that wood ! Liked this post? Check back in soon to see more pictures of my the bathroom gut. Have you done any small projects like this lately?



3 thoughts on “Airing things out with a new screen door.

  1. My house is the same way. In fact, each door knob that came with it are actually two different finishes in the same unit. One side is gold and the other is silver, which makes no sense to me since the whole interior was the same color.

    I need to get a new entry door, as I have a sneaky suspicion that the current one is horrible at being a good part of an energy efficient home. Then I want to replace my sliding balcony door as it too may be letting air floe through it (and it doesn't slide smoothly at all between the bent track and the door itself being very used). And that's just for starters at my place!

    1. It's like an avalanche… once you start looking at fixing one thing it's like you're incapable of not noticing everything else that needs fixing. I'd start with the balcony door though, seems that draft there is probably causing more trouble than the one in your entry?

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