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I’ve been slowly posting pics & a record of my most recent trip to Europe in late July/August. I checked out the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, traveled to Brussel and checked out the Atomium among other things and after that moved onward to the Netherlands.

One of the next adventures on my trip was getting to drive my uncles cargovan on the narrow Dutch roads. I’ve had my license here in Canada since I turned 17 (so… counting back that’s like almost 9 years, holy crap!) I checked out the laws before I did it just to be sure I wasn’t doing anything illegal, turns out I can drive in the Netherlands for up to 160-somedays months with my Canadian license! (As long as the car is registered to a dutch person in the Netherlands) After successfully not driving into anything my uncle allowed me to take my cousins car to go visit my grandparents for the afternoon. I got a little bit lost thanks to an outdated map on the TomTom. (They can’t build roads that fast where I live in Canada.. haaa….) but managed to get to my grandparents despite a ten minute detour through parts of the city Groningen that I didn’t know. (Yeah, even though I grew up there, go figure!)

proof 😉

After that I my uncle dropped me off at my bff’s mothers house where she was staying that night and we spent the evening geekily playing Boggle, drinking wine and sitting outside in the warm evening.

The next day my friends brother took us out on his boat for the afternoon and we spent most of the afternoon drinking juice, eating more pistolets with filet americain and enjoying the hot weather. Seriously, I had fan-tastic weather when I was home! It’s never like that, the Netherlands being a low-lying country it tends to rain… a lot.

The seriously awesome little boat

I spent a few days lazing about before travelling onward to the UK with C. where we spent two sun-filled days walking around Windsor, drinking beer, eating fries and sleeping in. Much sleeping in.

Windsor Castle, UK 2012

I really didn’t take very many photos on this trip and I really regret it now. My whirlwind UK trip took all of two days after which I returned to the Netherlands, visited my grandparents again, had dinner on a floating dock in Rotterdam, had a marathon Big Bang Theory watching session with C.  and subsequently got ill from the fish that we ate. Travellers ailments. So much fun. 😉

Mmmmm I want more

From Canada to Iceland to Belgium to The Netherlands to the UK to the Netherlands to Iceland and back to Canada, I spent 17 days completely free. It was a fantastic trip, I learned stuff about myself and will definitely plan something like this again in the future, hell, I’ve already started dreaming about it and googling destinations.

Where would you like to go? 

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  1. Sounds like an awesome trip. I would love to go on a Europe trip sometime within the next five years (essentially before I'm 30). Not sure which countries I would want to hit up yet but I'll figure that out down the road. Anyway, glad to hear your trip was so relaxing!

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