Link-Love #20 (and #18)

Apparently I can’t count because somewhere along the way I missed Link-love #18. Not to worry, that just means this post will have double the awesomeness! (After I fixed whatever it is that I did with the layout?)

All things finance:

Money Tune Tuesday on Daily Money Shot: Why don’t you get a job? 

On small choices with big outcomes; Don’t follow this lesson and see what will happen on Get Busy Living

Ten things you need to know about Greece, an informative post about some of the upheaval (that’s really the only word for it) in Greece on Kathryn’s Conversations.

On pretending you’re broke from Add Vodka, I admit, I do this too sometimes. Check out daisy’s post on the matter.

Non personal finance related-awesomeness:

Home made paper stars, who doesn’t love stars? This is definitely on my list of crafty things to try!

Check out How to invest in… food? On Christian PF

5 Killer career moves on Prairie EcoThrifter

Conversations with my Husband on Newlyweds on a budget made me giggle.

Business banking tips for your home startup on Money cactus, there is a fine line between finding the right bank for your business needs and being ripped off. As a business owner, you MUST do your research because banking can be costly!

How to earn online money after the Google Smackdown on OMB

How much of yourself do you see in 10 common characteristics of millionaires on Your Finances Simplified?

Cait from Blonde on a Budget started this delish-looking site: Budget Bytes 

And another great post from Beating Broke: Have you become complacent with your gazelle intensity? Here’s a great quote from the article: “Sometimes when you are tired and are immersed in your debt repayment, getting out of debt can feel hopeless. You can feel like the debt will never go away, and you can start to doubt yourself and the sacrifices you are making. In times of doubt, read stories like Mihalic’s to see that gazelle intensity does work. He made it through to the other side. You can, too.” Click here to read the rest!

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