Link-Love #20 (and #18)

Apparently I can’t count because somewhere along the way I missed Link-love #18. Not to worry, that just means this post will have double the awesomeness! (After I fixed whatever it is that I did with the layout?) All things finance: Money Tune Tuesday on Daily Money Shot: Why don’t you get a job?  On small choices with big outcomes; Don’t follow this lesson and […]

Implementing the 10% rule.

Since I built up my first emergency fund for the first time in 2010 (and realized it’s usefulness when I had to use it the same day I completed it) I’ve learned that it’s really hard to get started with savings when you’re not used to it, and you might end up having to use your first and probably second emergency fund for something but…eventually […]

Refinishing pine stairs

Looks like my last Littlest House update was a while ago so I thought I would share another update on the renovation front. I completed this project some time ago and I think it was one of the funnest and most rewarding projects in the house so far! My house is 1.5 stories tall, there is a small set of stairs with two small landings […]