February recap and March goals (and dresses and jackets and SHOES)

February is allllmooost over, whew! Do you like winter? I prefer any of the three other seasons to winter (which means I probably live on the wrong piece of the planet) I should warn the guys out there that this post includes more than the usual dose of femaleness. (As in, I go nuts on clothing and SHOES, oh the shoes…) Without further ado: My […]

Link-love #17

It’s been a while since my last link round- up so I have a ton to share with you! First, the finance and personal finance related articles I enjoyed these past few weeks: Disney is one of my favourite things in the world (the oldskool stuff) so check out this post on Daily Money Short Google Page Rank can make or break your website on […]

A story about me. Wanderlust, loss and purpose.

I grew up in the northern part of the Netherlands with a bunch of siblings, a hard working dad and a mom who also worked outside the home for periods at a time, besides being a full-time stay at home mom. (Yeah that’s a bit of oxymoron) My parents started out with very little (nothing) before I came around, they worked very very hard and […]