Link-Love #14


Check out this great post on Darwin’s Money: When Faith Kills – Life Death and Your Finances

And check out these posts from fellow Yakezie members

Bank of America’s new fees – $204 per year if I stay!? on Master the Art of Saving. You guys know what I would do.  In fact, my beloved BMO has increased their fees yet again, and I will be closing yet another account with them. Come on bank, you make money on the spread… why charge these ridiculous fees?

Check out Sustainable Personal Finance’s post: living in a shipping container

Regardless of faith, if Sharia or Muslim based investing for you? on My Journey to Millions

And a bunch of awesome giveaways:

ThirtySix Months has a $50 paypal or Amazon giftcard giveaway, winners accounced dec 20!

and check out the Threadless give-away on Frugal Beautiful and last but not least;

The Yakezie Holiday Giveaway with $500+ (!!!) in prizes up for grabs, go here to check that out and enter. (until Dec 12th)



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