Why you should (or shouldn’t) prepay your mortgage

I’ve been writing about prepaying my mortgage for about 18 months now. Some people have asked me why I’ve done that, instead of paying that money to my student loan, investing it or just not doing it at all? There are several things to consider before you prepay your mortgage; – do you have other debts at higher interest rates that take priority? – do […]

My 2011 goals – how did I do?

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by! Thanks to Latisha from Financial Success for Young Adults for getting me thinking about my goals for 2012 a little sooner than January 1, 2012. Last week I posted my financial goals for 2012 and today I want go over my results for 2011! On December 31, 2010 I wrote: Hopefully come end of December […]

Link-Love #14

Check out this great post on Darwin’s Money: When Faith Kills – Life Death and Your Finances And check out these posts from fellow Yakezie members Bank of America’s new fees – $204 per year if I stay!? on Master the Art of Saving. You guys know what I would do.  In fact, my beloved BMO has increased their fees yet again, and I will […]