My problem with the Occupy-whatever movement.

Disclaimer: there may be the occasional drip of sarcasm in the following post. I couldn’t help myself. You’ve all hear of it by now and if not I’m sure you’ve caught a few glimpses on TV or on the radio or hey, maybe there’s even been an Occupy-whatever where you live and maybe you’ve attended a meeting like I have. I live in a fairly […]

Woohoo! A very late third quarter update and some kicking-student-loan-ass.

I set yearly, monthly, quarterly (first and second quarter found here)  and sometimes also weekly goals. While beginning to write a jubilous post about my student loan progress (I’ll get to that shortly here) I realized I never posted my third quarter update! My goals for 2011 and my progress so far: 1. To complete at least 4 more courses for my degree. Completed! I […]

Goals for the week.

Goal setting is a great way to work toward achieving something. Usually I set monthly financial goals but this week I want to set a few just to get me through to the end of the month. 1. No spending on clothes. I have a $30 giftcard burning a hole in my pocket, I’m going to save it because I don’t need clothes right now […]