Back to business!

Hello hello! I arrived back in Canada on Monday and I’m still quite jetlagged but it’s time to get back to work, back to school and back to the blog! How have you all been? I wanted to write a short blog post right away about my archnemesis; coffee. If you’ve been following along for a while you know I’ve struggled with spending money on […]

A quick update from the road, to Denmark and back again.

I’ve been having a great time here on the other side of the Atlantic. I landed last Tuesday in Amsterdam and spent the first few days with friends and family in Groningen. On Friday I went to Denmark with C. to check out Legoland and had a BLAST. Everything that could go wrong went wrong, a trip I’ll never forget, that’s for sure! Money-wise things […]

Basic Concepts In Investing For Beginners – Guest Post By John from Stock Market Basics

Today’s guest post is written by John of Stock Market Basics. John approached me about guest posting a little while ago and as you know, I currently don’t have a dime in my bank account set aside for retirement so as soon as I kill off my student loan I’m looking to get back in the investing game – but I know next to nothing […]