August Adventures (monthly goals)

I only had three things I wanted to accomplish in August: 1. $110 mortgage prepayment – success! 2. $190 grocery budget – success! I spent about $162 making this my lowest food-month of the past 12 months. Time to keep this trend going! 3. Separate renovation and student loan.  Have student loan debt at $5,000 by Sept 1. –   FAIL. I didn’t make it 🙁 […]

Crazy busy!

Hey everyone, just wanted to give a quick shout out. I’ve been INSANELY busy all week with running around for my renovation and work, and also planning things for my upcoming overseas trip. I haven’t had much time to write or blog much. I have been (mostly) keeping up with checking my fellow yakezie blogs and twittering a bit here and there but that’s pretty […]