July recap

At the end of every month I outline my goals for the coming month and do a recap on the past month. I’ll keep it short & sweet today.

So many things to balance

My goals for July were:

1. Catch up, stick to my budget, no other big expenses & no excuses! – Success!
2. $100 mortgage prepayment – Success! July was a month with three mortgage payments, I managed to slap an extra $125 on top of that, a good start for August.
3. $200 grocery budget – Mostly Success! Total for the month was $215.56. My 8 month average is $220 so it was another average month. Note that this does NOT include eating out.
4. Keep house renovation expenses separated from my student loan – Success!
5.  Student loan balance of $6,500 on July 31st – FAIL! My student loan balance as of Monday AM will be $6,878.56. I didn’t quite make it to my goal because of overspending in other areas.

Since the renovation officially starts next week (gosh it keeps getting postponed though.. ugh) August will be an interesting month.

I only have three things I want to accomplish in August:

1. $110 mortgage prepayment
2. $190 grocery budget
3. Separate renovation and student loan – keep paying down that student loan! Have student loan debt at $5,000 by Sept 1. – Tough but doable. My complete focus for the last half of the year will be my student loan. Will I be able to pay it off in full? Stay tuned to find out! 🙂

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