Link-Love #9

1-linkloveCheck out The Big Idea on Ginger Won’t Snap (brilliant blog name isn’t it?) She is looking for feedback on a business concept and it would be great if you could help her out (click here).

How Do You Follow Up? on Serendipity’s Guide to Saving, who wonders how you keep from procrastinating and follow through with things.

This post hit close to home as it’s something that I’m struggling with myself; Travel = The Goly Grail of Personal Finance Spending? over on Well Heeled Blog; Make your hard-earned dollars bring you joy. ” well said. Some of us prefer to spend on rainbows and unicorns, and others like myself prefer to see the world.

J Money invested in some Vibram Fivevingers and cowboy boots, which reminds me I have never posted about my Vibram’s but I love ’em. The sensation of wearing them… they’re freaking fantastic!

I loved this post on My Journey To Millions; What do you do at night? I try to make money.  I love the tone of the article, in-your-face, straight to the point. Awesome.

…and lastly check out Your credit is like your virginity on Musings of an Abstract Aucklander

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