Photo Meme Fun & (early) Happy Canada Day!

I got linked by In Mint Condition for this silly little photo-tag-game, and since it’s a holiday over here in Canada, I thought why not! (I’m also possibly still in good humour from my much-deserved vacation :p) Here’s how it goes: 1. Go to the fourth folder where you store your pics on your computer 2. Pick the fourth photo in the folder 3. Explain […]

Spending week 15 (June 20 – 26) Vacation edition, yeehaw!

I’ll just be posting my expenses up to Friday this week, I’ll post a recap of vacay expenses when I return. I also promise that I’ll shut up about my vacation soon… I just really need a.. vacation! 😉 Monday: No spend day! Tuesday: – $100 Mortgage prepayment (back on schedule!) – $62.00 cheque for building permit variance – Reno (eek!) Wednesday: – $41.76 Bathing […]

Frugal carrots vs thrifty sticks – Guest post by Anne from The Year of Shopping Detox

Today’s post is a guest post from Ann from The Year of Shopping Detox. Ann told me about her  silly irreverent style of PF blogging and offered to write a guest post while I enjoy some, much deserved- thank you very much, R&R on vacation. I love Ann’s blog and you should check it it out too!  The following post is about rewarding yourself either […]