Spending Week 8


It’s not actually week 8 of tracking my spending in a row, I stopped early December after posting a weekly spending report for 7 weeks because I felt my budget program was performing adequately. Unfortunately I’ve let myself go a bit and I need to get back on track so I’m bringing back the spending recaps…Here it goes

no spending!

+ $642.74 Income
– $19.56 Donation

– $72.07 Groceries

– $88.46 Vibram Fivefingers
– $25.52 Dinner with family

– $14.50 Movie
– $6.92 snacks at movie
– $333.80 Car part
– $69.27 Clothing: 2 tanks, 1 capri and 1 blouse
– $14.29 Dinner

– $20.00 Donation
– $24.81 Dinner

– $4.33 Starbucks
– $6.71 work lunch

Income: $ 642.74
Budgeted expenses: $445.43
Budgeted Blow Money: $185.54
Off budget: $69.27

I’ve eaten out a lot this past week, (invitations to social occasions)  Starbucks was def. a splurge, I hadn’t been there in more that 3 years. Eating out is something I practically stopped doing for the past four months. I need to reign this in a bit because that should all be going on my pesky student loan repayment! Overall I didn’t do  too bad, the clothing was unplanned and not budgeted so I will have to make up for that somehow. It’s the tenth of the month today so I am a tad high with my blow money spending at this point of the month. We’ll see how this week goes! What were your highlights this week?

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