Money money money.

I really wish I had more of it.

I may need to bring back weekly spending recaps, just for accountability-sake. I’m still doing well on my student loan repayment, I haven’t fallen off the wagon entirely! But… every once in a while you need a break, just like you can’t diet forever I can’t just NOT spend money forever. That’s exactly what’s been happening over here the last few weeks. Hmmm.

I update my YNAB budget about once a week now, I’ve fallen into a nice rhythm from where at the beginning I was obsessed with it and checking it daily to just feeling that urge to update everything about once a week. I definitely can’t go too long without checking in or a little voice starts nagging me in the back of my head. (Is that you, Jesse? Lol)

I had a little budget session just a few minutes ago and held back my breath when I looked at the chart showing my blow money spending is the highest it’s been since I started budgeting digitally in October. It’s higher than my transportation, food, housing, savings and health spending. OUCH.

The upside of the blow money debacle is that nice blue line you see in the chart, that’s my student loan repayment. I noticed a few side notes I made in YNAB stating that my student loan should be below $9,999.99 for the end of May. HAH! As of today I owe $7,969.02, surpassing my own wildest dreams. Sweet!

I like charts

That fat red arrow indicates that my blow money spending is sitting at… about $563.90 total for the month and I will be adding another evening of drinks & dinner to that plus the $125 I still owe to a family member for the bike I bought. To be fair… some of my blow money fell right at the first of the month, I spent about $160 and because one of my friends is moving away we’ve been hitting some of her fave restaurants and being a bit more active in the entertainment department. Also, I’m NOT spending more than I actually have AND I’m paying at least triple of what is required to be paid on my debts. Still though… a reality check was in order! I need to reign in the spending big time. I’m so excited to rid myself of this student loan debt… I can feel the shackles start to crack. I want freedom.

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  1. The same month I quit doing weekly spending updates I went crazy over budget, I am hoping it is a mere coincidence, but I pretty sure it’s not.

    Good luck reining it in.

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