Having fun doesn’t have to cost a lot

I had the most amazing evening Friday and it cost me absolutely nothing! I’ve busted my budget enough this month so that’s a great thing. I’ve had conversations with people before where they lament how entertainment can be so expensive.. but you know what, you can have fun year-round while spending very little if anything by keeping your eyes peeled for stuff happening in your community.

On Friday I got called into work around 7PM for a short while and on the way back I decided to go wandering through the city, rather than going straight home. The sun was setting and it was just beautiful out, why waste such a perfect evening, right? I ended up taking a drive by the water and noticed this man with this huge black ‘thing’ set on a sturdy tri-pod. I kept driving on and as I got to the end of the road I pulled a u-turn and drove back. I pulled over and spent the next two and a half hours learning about astronomy.


It was absolutely random, but awesome. It was an incredible experience, standing there in the park with a beautiful clear sky above us and being able to take a peek up into the universe…. It turns out this man really enjoys what he calls sidewalk-astronomy: Where you set up a telescope and just invite people to check it out. I stuck around for quite some time because it was fascinating and a beautiful clear evening. I saw Saturn and its rings and three of its moons as well as some star clusters, a double star and star globules. I wasn’t the only one there, a few people would come up and stick around for a while, peek into the telescope (which was HUGE) and listen to the man explain how it works etc. He had some flyers and start charts in his car, I took some home and intend to use the star finder card this summer at the family cottage.

I have little interest in astronomy and don’t intend to take it up as a new hobby but experiences like this are priceless, it was beautiful. I hope to have many more adventures like this in the coming summer.

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