Link-Love, 1st Edition

I’ve been doing a lot of reading over the past week, both for university and a whole lot of just reading random blogs about stuff I’m interested in. Here’s a few posts I really enjoyed over the past week orso. They all touch on topics that are relevant to me and I thought others might enjoy them too;

Buying a house? Don’t Become House Poor @ Passive Family Income

Investment Fundamental #8 – Real Estate @ Retire By 40

8 Pros and Con’s of Renting a house @ Christian Common Cents

The Money/Power-exchange @ Girl with the Red Balloon

Vagabonding 101; Everything you need to know to travel the world @ Studenomics

I found especially the money/power exchange quite interesting. It’s made me think about how my relationship changes with a person as soon as there is a debt between us, whether monetary or not. Interesting stuff!

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