Victory! January – The month I conquered my money

Looking back: For the month of January I wanted to achieve the following; – $450 to my Student Loan – $450 additional savings – $100 extra mortgage payment Now how things actually went, I did great!; Actual: – $450 to my Student Loan I paid back about $500 in January – $450 additional savings I managed to syphon $304 into savings this month! – $100 […]

Link-Love, 2nd Edition

Some great posts I found on the web over the last two weeks; Check out 10 Ways to Start a Healthy 2011 over on The College Investor. I’ve got some health-related goals for myself this year (that I have yet to write about) and I started getting back on track weight wise last year. I’m really trying to make some life-style changes and trying to […]