October’s finances

Looking back:

My financial goals for October were;
Make a $100 lump sum mortgage payment
Reach $500 in emergency savings
Contribute minimum towards student debt
Repay rest of debt dad
– Work on getting vehicle fixed(license, registration, inspection and repair all need to be done this month!)


$100 lump sum mortgage payment Done
Reach $500 in savings
minimum towards student debt$175.86
Repay rest of debt dad – Done
– Work on getting vehicle fixed(license, registration, inspection, tire change

Looking ahead:

My goals for the month of November:
– $600 combined savings
– $200 to Student Loan

Unfortunately October left my savings quite low and I need to get back on strong footing before the holidays (and winter weather) arrive. The fall and beginning of winter are always a hard time with a lot of expenses. House and car repairs usually make themselves known around this time and as the year wraps up, so do the bills. (Hello tax time!) So, I’m trying to get a head start by being as ready as I possibly can be!

And finally, a net worth update; The line is still creeping up!

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