Spending; Week 2


Kicking the credit-card habit is HARD. When I open my wallet I feel like something is missing. I am going to keep going though, this can only lead to positive things. I’m already starting to notice a change in my spending habit by writing down my weekly spending, daily, in red and green. It’s strange, I check my bank account daily and it’s not like I am out of touch with the balances. I am perfectly aware of how much money I have yet somehow there is an emotional disconnect somewhere. Being even more involved with recording every transaction myself (rather than looking at the bank transactions) is putting an emotional response bank into how I spend money. This is definitely a GOOD thing! Perhaps this will get me snowballing my debt even faster. All those $1.43 coffees in a week sure add up….

Week 2 (Oct 25 – 31)


– $1.43 Coffee
– $1.43 Coffee (Again with the coffee!)


(1 free coffee with a coupon)

+ Wages
+ $20 Ally Misc. Savings
– $147.33 Groceries *
– $50 Student Loan
– $62.50 Phone/Internet
– $119.85 Electric bill
– $6.29 movie rental

– $28.72 Craft supplies/picture frame
– $1.43 Coffee


+ $20 + wages
– $418.98

The only thing I bought during the first four days of the week were two coffees. It’s actually been quite hard and getting harder the longer I go without spending. I didn’t realize how addicted I was, I keep thinking of the list of things I want/need to go out and buy, I want to go browse the bookstore because a gift card is burning a hole in my pocket. I need a new winter coat this year and I want to go looking for one, (I did go look and found one but did not buy) I want to go buy more bulbs to plant in the garden for the spring… and so on… I did alright though I think, paid my bills, contributed to my savings, did not overspend and FOUR no spend days. May try to aim for that again next week.

*Includes household items such as cleaners, toilet paper, personal hygiene and some treats for trick or treaters

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