Wednesday: Dexter


About three years ago I adopted the young beagle in the photograph from the Humane society and named him Dexter, for many reasons things just did not work out. It wasn’t meant to be…

For the past year I’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend  to let me/have us get a dog… it’s something I have wanted very badly for a long time. My family bought a fantastic cocker spaniel pup last year and that has shown me that I still want the companionship of a dog, with the right character. I learned my lesson and I realize now that it’s not so much about what the dog looks like – it’s about who they are and how they interact with you and you with them that can make or break a great relationship.

Dexter was a beautiful pup but I couldn’t handle him.

I look forward to adding some regular photos from now on, it’s good time that I dust off my camera – I really enjoy trying to take some nice pics and it’s been too long since I have. I am not a pro, it’s just a hobby – I love beautiful photos.

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