above the fold november 2013

I got tired of my blog today.

I didn’t make any backups. There was no coding magic: In a spontaneous series of events I spent 46 minutes searching through themes on WordPress until I found a simple-enough and customizable enough version of my tastes and Nickel by Nickel 4.0 no longer exists.

I didn’t take any screenshots to document the progress either… Just from one day to the next I got tired of the clutter-y layout and here we are. This feels similar and as cathartic to sorting another entire trash bag full of stuff out of my closet while stormstayed last weekend.

There will be some tweaks in coming days. I have no further financial or travel wisdom to impart. Just change, sometimes change is good.

I broke my blog two months ago. I’ve done that before. There’s the time where I switched from a free blog to paid, then the time I forgot to pay my hosting fees. The time where I had a bad plugin…  this time I did actually end up losing about 190 posts of over a year old that were originally published here. I might have a backup still somewhere to retrieve stuff.. If I knew how. I’m not exactly familiar with databases and well, anything deeper than the basic wordpress interface. I was a bit disappointed about it at first but then I realized I can’t possibly hold on to every thing, every word I’ve ever written, forever. It’s all right. I’m still here and I will continue to blog.


My first two years of blogging I concerned myself almost solely with financial things. I set goals, made some incredible progress in turning my own finances around, wrote about them and wrote other articles on finance – almost all of which are now gone. The past two years my blogging has gone from purely finance to covering more lifestyle topics. Some floaty and more philosophical stuff and a lot more on travel. It shows how people slowly change and evolve as time passes.

Change, change is good, right?


Michael Ondaatje, from; Divisadero
“Sometimes truth is too buried for adults, it can be found only in hours of rewritings during the night, the way metal is beaten into fineness”

This is mainly a personal finance blog. I talk about money, my money, your money, what I do with it, what I want to do with it… what you should do with it, stupid things, great things. Everything under the sun really. Interspersed with money-talk are travel-blogs and personal growth articles. Posts about sadness and happiness and frustration and posts like today.

I have insomnia. I can’t sleep. I am so so so tired. Yet I can’t sleep. This week has been hell on my nerves. My mind is just racing about all the things I could be doing and things I need to do tomorrow. Things I am trying to process and dreams of the future. I love the quote from Divisadero, a fantastic book.

In the night things come to me, I hammer out thoughts and layout plans. I twist and turn ideas and knead them until I have something I can work with.  The way that metal is beaten into fineness.