Week 4. January 25 – 31, 2015. One month down… 11 to go. 

My parents finally came home this week. I’ve been taking care of my 14year old sister and four year old niece – Basically mom-dutying for 12 days. Getting them fed, dressed and driving them to school, picking them up (no school bus), feeding them again…. You get the point, while attempting to keep up working almost-full-time. It was hard! I know that when you have kids you gradually grow with them, having a teenager and a toddler dumped in your lap suddenly is quite the lifestyle change!

2015-01-14 15.13.28

Unfortunately my parents got stuck in NYC on the way back due to the big winterstorm that came down the east coast so 12 days turned into 16. I managed to get away for three nights while my other sis watched them through the 16 days to preserve my sanity. It was fun, and hard. My parents finally made it back on the 29th and SURE ENOUGH on the 30th I got sick and I’ve been sick for a full week since.

Having the kiddos here really helped me get into a routine sleeping-wise, which is AWESOME. However, I didn’t have time to go to the gym and it exposed me to whatever they brought home from school and I ended up with a very sore throat/fever that seemed like strep, and now a week later it seems I have bronchitis. Fun stuff, great for the finances though because I haven’t spent very much, not eating out much is great on the wallet! Now for the details:


Goal recap.

1. Stop using overdraft, live on last periods pay. Reach by end of February. Done.
2. Save and splurge on a nice new purse in the spring, Michael Kors Dillon? Haven’t done anything with this yet.
3. Sell my house. Take the money and run. In progress.
4. Max emergency fund to $10,000. Save $571.59/month. (or: future house) Done.
5. Retirement TFSA/RSP  $105.53/month. Done.
6. Vehicle fund $17.33/month. Done.
7. Future House  $41.66/month. Done.
8. Travel expense $1,500 jan – oct, after that is work depending. On target
9. Last but not least a networth of $72,000. An increase of the amount I plan to save and any small gains in interest/value. :) On target.
10. Visit Cape Breton. Haven’t done anything with this yet.
12. Go to East to West music festival in Moncton, NB. This got cancelled so I can’t go 🙁
13. Go camping in the Magdalen Island for a week. Haven’t done anything with this yet.

I hit all my financial targets this month, all my savings targets are spot on. It went well! I haven’t made any concrete travel plans and my house still hasn’t sold though. 🙁

2015-02-07 10.33.47
14. Get up at 08:00/08:30 five days per week. Done.
15. Lose 30 for 30. In progress.
16. Track food and  journal exercise daily. Done.
17. Go swimming once a week (incl. in gym membership) Fail.
18. Complete c25k a second time by April 30, 2015. In progress.
19. Start weighing in weekly by June 30, 2015. On target.
20. Average steps per day 8,500. Done, average was 8,834 for January.
21. Read more: read 30 books this year. In progress. Read two in January so a bit behind.
22. Wear out shoes, don’t buy more, reduce total amount of shoes owed. In progress.
23. Complete the #100happydays challenge. In progress.
24. Finish two bible studies. In progress.
25. Keep track of these goals weekly here. Done!

Healthwise things went well, I’m keeping up with being active more in general (which needs to be a permanent lifestyle so I’m taking it slow)  my workouts are still lacking. I slimmed down a bit this month, I’m not sure how much in centimeters or actual kilos and it’s not actually that important for the time being, my pants fit better and I feel and look better. I am still tracking everything I eat and my sleeping and activity patterns daily.

The benefit of eating at home more and spending less at Tim Horton’s (I’m not a huge burger and fries eater but I do love breakfast sandwiches) is that I’ve been doing some experimenting in the kitchen. This morning I made chocolate banana baked oatmeal (pic above) and I tried making chia pudding. Any time in the past few years I end up eating out a lot more I tend to forget how much I enjoy cooking and baking.

And that’s a wrap! Happy February!


I have  25 goals for 2015. Week 3: January 18 – 24 also went well! I’m about to finish up January with a bang this coming week.

I hit every single savings goal I set with the exception of my emergency fund. My target is/was $571.59  per month and as of today, Jan 25th I’ve contributed about $267.15 to it. I do have a few hundred in cash still but I will wait until the end of the month to deposit it to hit the contribution amount I was aiming for. I’m well on my way to hit all my financial targets this month. 🙂 Now for the rest….

A few of my lifestyle goals this past week;

14. Get up at 08:00/08:30 five days per week. Done.
16. Track food and  journal exercise daily. Done.
17. Go swimming once a week (incl. in gym membership) Fail.
20. Average steps per day 8,500. Done. 9418 avg
21. Read more: read 30 books this year. On target. 2/30
23. Complete the #100happydays challenge Getting there…

My health goals are all going well too! I suppose it goes hand in hand doesn’t it, happy wallet’ happy body. I went to Moksha Yoga once last week – I had a coupon for a free class –  and had a great workout. I had one day where I missed my step target of 8,500 by 400 steps but I made up for it by having two days way over my target. I did not go swimming. I started C25K again, I did two runs; one of my goals for 2015 is to complete it by the end of April.

I don’t get paid this coming week and I have no expenses so my finances probably won’t change much between now and the end of the week. Primary focus this week is health:

– stick to cash only
– go swimming once
– finish reading Ender’s game and start a new book.
– Lose a lb orso

Until next week! 🙂

January 11-17 went fabulous!.  I have  25 goals for 2015. These are the only ones I’m tracking weekly:


1. Stop using overdraft, live on last periods pay. In progress.
4. Emergency fund $131.09 per week. In progress.
5. Retirement TFSA/RSP $45.35 per week. On target.
Vehicle fund goal 2015 $4 per week. On target
Future House 2015 $9.61 per week. On target

No change here. Still. $99.63 short in my chequing until January 23rd orso. I spent $138.21 inc tax on the wakeuplight I mentioned last week on my AMEX… it should be coming in this week, I think! And thats about all I’ll have to pay off creditcard wise when my pay comes. The rest is mine + I have a few hundred dollars cash on hand. Weird? I’ll be able to hit my midmonth on my emergency fund. We’ll see next week. 🙂


14. Get up at 08:00/08:30 five days per week. On target
15. Lose 30 for 30. In progress.
16. Track food and  journal exercise daily. On target.
17. Go swimming once a week (incl. in gym membership) On target.
20. Average steps per day 8,500. On target. 8831 avg
21. Read more: read 30 books this year. On target. 2/30
23. Complete the #100happydays challenge In progress.

Babysitting my niece and little sister while my parents are away means getting up at 7:30 every day to get them ready for school… So, I don’t even get a choice there! Saturday morning I woke up at 7:30 without an alarm. 😮

I’m way behind on the 100 Happy Days Challenge, I haven’t been doing it every day, I need to make a better effort with it this week, I really want to complete it and look for more things in my daily life that are sources of happiness. All around change. A pretty good week, also going by my journal I shouldve lost 1-1,5 lbs but I haven’t measured, I’ll keep trucking for now and we’ll see how it goes. On to another week!