Aaaaaaannnnd I’m back! Sorta, kinda, not really, maybe.

Hey all 🙂

Haven’t posted in a while, certainly nothing finance-y. Sidenote: I’ve discovered I have a bad internet addiction where I spend too much time on useless stuff aka reddit and not doing anything productive,  I need to work on this in the next few months, I’ve already cut my cell data, what else can I do to be more productive? I traveled a few weeks in October/November, moved out of my house for a few weeks to let some new immigrants stay there in November/December(they paid for it, though, but I’m broke so it was worth it) and then Christmas came and went, and New Years, and here we are! I think quite a lot has changed since I’ve last put any serious effort into blogging at all, but I’ll get to all of that eventually… or not.

Recently I’ve been toying with the idea of no longer using any shampoo or conditioner in my hair and as of today, that idea is becoming reality, I hope. Today marks day#1 of experiment no-more-shampoo-in-my-hair

hello hair!

hello hair! Picture taken about a year ago when I bought a new dress

I have very fine blonde hair, it hasn’t changed at all since I became a teen and I generally keep it the same length-ish. This pic was taken last year, it’s usually that length or two inches orso shorter and I wash and condition it every day. I like daily showers… I shower pretty quick and it helps me start the day off right. Since moving to Canada I’ve never had to worry about a water bill because I have my own well, as did my parents. The only worry in the house used to generally be if we had conditioner or not, as all my sisters and my mom have long fine hair, conditioner was/is a prime commodity. 😉

I dont spend much on shampoo and conditioner as most of it is gifted, thrifted, found etc, so this isn’t about cutting cost but more about convenience, less clutter, and less chemical.

Besides very fine blonde hair that gets greasy if I don’t wash it every day and then it’s just awful… I also have allergies, I’ll use the wrong shampoo or use something new and bam, my scalp itches and I look like I have lice because I keep scratching my head, or my forehead gets all red and bumpy, good times! So after toying with the idea and in my ongoing journey to living a more intentional life filled with less crap (minimalism, I started the year off by getting rid of more stuff and more furniture and I’m in the process of placing ads for a host of household items!) I decided, why not junk the shampoo and conditioner too.  

Last summer I went a while using dr. bronners and apple cider vinegar and baking soda rinses but that wasn’t cutting it, it was more hassle, more work, more annoyance. I also made some shampoo bars and tried that and  while it works just as well as regular shampoo I stilll ended up in the cycle of shampoo, lather, rinse, condition, lather, rinse… Then I just went through a month of using a new conditioner that kept leaving my hair feeling brassy and brittle… So I decided to just cold-turkey it.

This is day one, freshly washed with just warm water;

2016-01-06 17.35.15

I didnt bother cropping 😉 I dont usually use any product in my hair, heatdry it or style it at all. I wear it loose and down or up in a ponytail. No mess, no fuss! I switched to using a widetoothed wooden comb about a year ago already. Today I scrubbed my hair in the shower, using just my fingers tips and water, getting my scalp scrubbed well all the way around. My hair isn’t as knotted up as it is when I try to skip the conditioner, but it also isn’t as nice and smooth as when I do use a nice sillicone-filled conditioner.. .

Everything is looking and feeling good so far! I don’t own a hair dryer but I’ll be making daily pics and will be posting again soon to let you know how everything is going and what things are going to be like dry.

Here is some reddit info on quitting shampoo (the internet likes calling it “nopoo” which sounds awful, so I’ve avoided that phrase here)

No shampoo FAQ

I also found this gal’s blogpost about it helpful


Week 3 (Nov 1-7)

+ $0.08 ING Emergency Fund interest
+ $0.03 ING Travel Fund 2011 interest
+ $0.14 Ally Misc. savings interest
+ $125 Ally Misc. Savings
+ $36.15 ING Emergency Fund
+ $62.21 ING Travel Fund 2011
– $86.78 Health insurance
– $2.86 Tim’s *
– $14.61 Groceries *


+ $25.00 ING Referral Bonus YEAH (into emergency fund)

– $2.40 Groceries

+ $60 ING Emergency Fund
+ $60 ING Travel Fund 2011
+ $60 Ally Misc Savings
– $126.97 Mortgage
– $75.00 Student Loan
– $5.45 Bank plan fees

– $28.84 Bottle warmer (gift)*
– $24.21 Hand blender, drink & chocolate bar
– $9.99 Theatre
– $30.00 Farmer’s Market ($12 lunch & groceries)

+ $428.61
– $407.11

For clarification; Any income is green and so is any contribution to savings because I’m paying myself. While mortgage and student loan payments decrease my debt and therefore increase my net worth they also cover big chunks of interest, so for now those payments will continue to be listed as minuses.

Hello, hello.

It’s the beginning of another calendar month and whatta month it’s been! As you read last month my goals for September were;

Networth September 2010

Make a $100 lump sum mortgage payment    Actual: $100
Reach $400 in emergency savings      Actual: $404.46
Contribute $100 towards student debt   Actual: $110.00

Looking back:

I am very happy to be able to report that I made all three goals! Here’s a short rundown of the month;

I was only about 200 short at the beginning of the month before my next paycheque came in, I am still living cheque to cheque but I am making good progress. I also found out that my old ING account was still active and has been accumulating small bits of interest – go figure huh! It now has $3.46 in the account.

Looking ahead:

Although I tried VERY hard to curb spending, I did still spend more than I should have on unnecessary things. I also had to repay my father for lumber that he bought for us to work on our shed. I still owe him a small sum.

For October we have the snow removal bill arriving much too soon, just over $400 that we don’t have yet and I want to repay my father the money I still owe him. I will also very likely end up having to spend more on materials to finish our shed in time. I’ve started paying extra taxes now on every paycheque, which ties in with my previous post about letting the government hang on to your money. It may not make much sense to you now but we’ve got a big property tax bill coming up and I’m finding it incredibly hard to save for with all the other bills we already have! Paying extra taxes every cheque makes me miss the money less and will hopefully result in a refund equal to the amount I will owe the municipality for property taxes. *sigh* life is expensive!

My goals for October are:

Make a $100 lump sum mortgage payment
Reach $500 in emergency savings
Contribute minimum towards student debt
Repay rest of debt dad
– Work on getting vehicle fixed(license, registration, inspection and repair all need to be done this month!)

As you see I do not have very lofty goals this month, I am trying to be realistic about things. I am only planning to save $100 and pay an extra $100 towards the mortgage, the rest of the budget is allocated for bills that are coming up! I think by planning conservatively I am not putting a strain on myself by trying to reach unreachable goals and I can only come out positive at the end of the month by exceeding my goals!

But… enough about my stuff, what are your goals this month? I’m really goal oriented… as you can see^ Do you set goals, why or why not?

PS: If you’re looking for previous financial stat updates, June and July and September can be found here, here and here and the rest can be found collectively under the Debt tab.