I broke my blog two months ago. I’ve done that before. There’s the time where I switched from a free blog to paid, then the time I forgot to pay my hosting fees. The time where I had a bad plugin…  this time I did actually end up losing about 190 posts of over a year old that were originally published here. I might have a backup still somewhere to retrieve stuff.. If I knew how. I’m not exactly familiar with databases and well, anything deeper than the basic wordpress interface. I was a bit disappointed about it at first but then I realized I can’t possibly hold on to every thing, every word I’ve ever written, forever. It’s all right. I’m still here and I will continue to blog.


My first two years of blogging I concerned myself almost solely with financial things. I set goals, made some incredible progress in turning my own finances around, wrote about them and wrote other articles on finance – almost all of which are now gone. The past two years my blogging has gone from purely finance to covering more lifestyle topics. Some floaty and more philosophical stuff and a lot more on travel. It shows how people slowly change and evolve as time passes.

Change, change is good, right?

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