Travel is more than the seeing of sights

This past week as I was sitting outside a disco in Cuba with some people I had just met; Jordan, his brother, Ashley and some other kids from elsewhere in Canada and this old braggart whom I baptized Doug since I couldn’t recall his name… and you know, at a certain point it just gets rude to say “what’s your name again?” – no matter how many cervezas you’ve had… The topic of shaving in different cultures came up in a larger conversation about travel and home all I could think of was this quote, I’d saved it a long time ago, I don’t remember where I first read it but it just stuck with me.

When I came home I had an email in my inbox from Intrepid travel on just that. Travel is more than the seeing of sights.. it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. – Mary Ritter Beard, an American women’s rights activist. I don’t travel because I like to sit on my butt and not work. In a sense I work just a hard when I am away as when I am at home, and every time I go and come back, I bring something home with me that’s intangible, forever changed.

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  2. So true. Travel is never just about the sights, they are great of course, but I get so much more from everything else which is why I love to travel.

    • Renée said:

      I learn at least one thing about myself or the world every single time 🙂

  3. Vic Reeves said:

    Great post, Renee!
    Thanks to traveling, I’ve learned so much about other cultures and people, and through that I’ve also learned a lot about myself, too. Travel is definitely a whole lot more than just good sights.

  4. Peter said:

    I’m snagging this video to my blog Renee. So true, I’ve met handful of students whose taken overseas trip and seen such a drastic change in them.

    • Renée said:

      Hey, curious what you’re writing about. Can you send me the link when it’s up?

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