I often write in my head while I’m driving or when I’m laying in bed at about 3AM trying to stop my brain from whirring a hundred miles an hour and just be still. I string up words and reorder them into coherent sentences and paragraphs, orderly arrangements, to put down on paper or screen the next day. Inevitably I always forget what I was going to write and I feel like if I had some method of easily recording these thoughts faster I would write more and better things. It seems the best ideas always come when I’m not sitting at a keyboard or with a pen in hand.

Some time ago I started the process of fixing broken links and editing the actual content of this website because I got annoyed with myself at the little errors I noticed regularly in old posts. Consequently, two weeks ago I deleted every single post on this blog and I am restoring them as I’m going through them one by one, proofreading and editing grammar and other simple mistakes. This means that while I’ve fixed all the original broken links already present, there are now new broken links because they refer to articles that have not yet been restored to the site. It will take me a few weeks to get through everything.

The reason I decided to do this was to do further proofreading and editing of one article at a time so this website reflects a progression in my life and not just progress in my financial life. It was a pain in the butt to scroll through them one by one so I decided to just start with zero. It’s been helpful to read through everything and remember things as I wrote them and experienced them then. This blog spans almost four years of my life now and I’ve written about many different things.

I admit that half the posts are of abysmal quality and are more suitable for a livejournal than a personal finance blog but… this is my blog, when I wrote those things I meant them. I’ve changed and grown since then. I can’t be embarrassed for falling on my face while I was trying to learn how to walk or bike as a child… I shouldn’t be embarrassed for my writings or feelings in the past given that I gave it my best effort at that time. So, while I am editing out simple mistakes I will leave the ideas as I wrote them. (as hard as that is)

Lately I feel like I am stagnating since I graduated last May. I haven’t been reading many books, something I do very much enjoy and my internet activities are spread between Imgur, reddit, frantic email checking and sporadic gaming sessions through Steam. When I’m bored I’ve been watching tv shows, too many to count, and sitting around too much. Too much? Stagnation.

It’s high time for change.

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