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Networth December… Smell ya later 2013.

I didn’t round off the year with a bang. Instead it was a big ass womp womp womp.

This month I do!

This month I do!

2014 will be better as I’ve decided to finally sell my house this year. Whaaattt? Yes I am but I’ll get to writing about that when I finally get around to setting some goals for 2014. Back to the current topic.

My December goals were:

1. $300 to Emergency Fund, minimum balance of Emergency fund $6,800 at end of December (also year-end goal)
Yeah. Failed. Reason being that I dumped about $2,500 into my company because of a tax bill owing because a previous customer stiffed us for a big bill and we have been unable to collect on it. I wasn’t lying when I said things are stable now, and I have good people. Business is going smoothly. But catching up from the past is hard and CRA doesn’t like it when you pay bills late. So… I threw money at it and eventually we will get there. Still a while to go to catch up. Unfortunate for my emergency fund though…it sits at a nice round $4000 right now.

2. $600 Misc savings balance ($190 min. spring get away and $410 for Project Move) – also a year-end goal and the second year-end goal I wanted to achieve.
Done and Done I have a total of $1178.58 spread in three accounts for these two goals at the moment. That almost doubles my goals. :)

3. Increase networth to $57,000
Fail. Nooooot so much. My networth as of right now sits at $54,859.23. A dip of $1729.25. I guess if you take into consideration the $2,500 I threw at my company’s tax bill… I still got ahead a little though. 2014 will be better!

My year-end goals were:
1. $6,800 Emergency fund minimum balance. Fail
2. $2,200 RSP balance  Done!
3. $600 misc savings. ($190 spring getaway Done!/$410 Project Move) Done! Actual total balance $1178.58.

Well that’s it for 2013. I still got ahead this year. I fixed more things on  my house, finally completed my bathroom and I did increase my networth from February where it was $49,920.26. The increased value of my house helped and I do have more money saved than I did at the start of the year. I also graduated and got to travel more. All good things, now on to 2014 already! I’m ready for a new year. What did you accomplish in 2013?

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One Response to “Networth December… Smell ya later 2013.”

  1. Seems like you did a pretty job overall. The tax bill wasn’t really your doing so let’s just say you’ve met your net worth target :) I didn’t accomplish too much in 2013. But I did manage to dig myself deeper into debt. Ah well. This year I’m going to focus on paying off my line of credit.

    Posted by Liquid | January 10, 2014, 16:01

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