great progress!

great progress!

March was a great month! I crossed back over the $45k networth mark actually to my highest networth to date!

My FU money aka my emergency fund is also back on the rise. I’m keeping an amount in my misc. savings because my actual emergency fund sits in a TFSA and I find I frequently use a couple hundred dollars as an overdraft so I’ve been keeping a portion in my other savings account. My combined emergency fund is now back up to $5,987.08. So I’m now only short twenty three dollars to have my emergency fund ‘full again’. I don’t expect to be able to add any more cash to this the next few months however as I booked a ticket to Rome and I should probably pay for that along with accommodations and all that other stuff. 😉

Copper only ate up $200 of my budget this month compared to the $600 in his first month here, I intend to keep that number roughly that or a little lower.

So, I think I can say my mission for March has been accomplished. For April I’ll focus on getting my creditcard back to a steady zero, always having money to cover whatever the balance is. (I’m currently turning over money on that card fast enough to not pay interest but I’m a little uncomfortable with that dangerous game) and my second focus will be paying for my planned travels in the fall. That’s about it for me, how’s your tax season treating you?

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